Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Really Getting Started...

Pizzafolio Night was tonight. As usual I got there early and scored a seat. I was prepared this semester, my prints on individual mats and not in a flip book, some prototypes, business cards and take-aways. Got to chat to other Illustration majors, briefly met some nice ADV majors, did not eat the pizza. It was nice to see of my old friends there who I haven't been able to see in a while, we're all very busy, our own projects we're working on.

I used my recently accquired Book Arts I skills to create my pop-out take-aways - they were a big hit! This image was the inside of my take-away.

Lately I've been drawing small cartoony animals, snails, bees etc. I think I'd like to do a mixed pack of stationary design with them all together. So that's an idea that's on the back burner for now.

Coming up I'll be working on a celebrity portrait of Miss Piggy and expand my "fluer de lis Collection." The collection's first item is almost complete, the gift bag and tag are done, now I need to finalize the decisions of tissue paper, grommets and handle rope/ribbon. Then for the next items, I'll be formatting it to a notecard and envelope, and then stationary sheets.

Well, lots to be done, I'll be putting up more of my portfolio images soon.

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