Friday, March 27, 2009

theme: slightly late

Hello everyone!

today's post has a theme. "Slightly Late" This pertains to both the image I'm posting and the news I have.

Meet Miss Piggy:
Miss Piggy was done in Illustrator. My idea was for her to be very glam, Miss Piggy loves to be in the spotlight and I wanted to emphasize her diva qualities by giving her a feather boa.

This was the final product, which I'm a bit late in posting (which is how it relates to the theme), and I'm currently working on editing her - removing the "cutout" border, changing the background color, refinessing lines and taking another approach to the boa.

The other news I'm sharing is that I just discovered that I am the Student Rep on the Undergrad Illustration department. Since this discovery I have verified this news and taken steps to get up to speed with everything I need to know.

A short post today, graduation comes closer and closer and there is much to still be done!

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